To ward off a thrust, stroke, or weapon, as in the sport of fencing; to avert the attacker’s blade. The parry is important in establishing right-of-way during a fencing bout.
A quick, sharp return in speech or action; counterstroke. In fencing: a quick thrust given after parrying an attack.

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We offer competitive rates and can fully equip small productions. Please contact us for rates and equipment lists.

Parry-Riposte Films was the name chosen for this production company, because of the keen art of fencing. Skilled fencing requires focus to detail, concentration, and agility. It requires anticipating the next motion, with “the product” being quick, swift, balanced, and “on point.” When these skills are met, it becomes an equal playing field regardless of size, weight, age, etc. It becomes a question of experience, creativity, and service-orientation.